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Little Mill Country Club




Reservations Required for Dinner Service

To reserve your table at one of our events, email or call 856.767.0559 Extension 3 

Sunday Brunch event is postponed due to lack of response. 

 We will be sure to put another Brunch Date on the calendar soon!  




 Reservations are required for dinner events. 

Members of the public are welcome to join us for our buffet events. 

To make a Reservation, please contact

Please note:

     The following is a list of clothing that is not permitted in the clubhouse.

 We appreciate your adherence to our dress code.

No Jeans

No Hats

No Sneakers

No T shirts 

Thank you.

The Restaurant Clubhouse is now on a winter schedule. 

Please be sure to call ahead for reservations. Our hours are subject to change at any time.