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Little Mill Country Club

HWH liquor selections

Mixed Drinks 

The ever popular John Daly  9.00
Titos vodka, lemonade, and iced tea  

Everyone's Favorite Transfusion  8.00
Titos vodka, ginger ale, and grape juice

The always refreshing Orange Crush 9.00
Stoli O, Triple Sec, sprite, splash of OJ

Please let your HWH attendant know if you would like a double shot 
for just and additional 4 dollars.

Titos Vodka 8.00

Stoli Flavors 8.00

Tanqueray Gin 8.00

Jack Daniels Whiskey 8.00

Captain Morgan Rum 8.00

Jose Cuervo Tequilla 8.00

Fireball Whiskey 8.00

Jack Daniels Honey 8.00